Thursday, 11 May 2017

What's Importance of Air Bubble Roll In Our Daily Life Packing?

Air Bubble Roll is most Important in our daily life because it is transparent and flexible sheet. Packing is the way to protect products for storage, sale and distribution . Air bubble roll  have many other features like shock absorber , Water proof, Flexible and Cushion material .It is made by two layers  that Upper layer is small air pocket and bottom layer is a flat.

         It gives cushion for sensitive and breakable goods. Multi layer of air bubble roll are used for Packaging. In these sheet air pocket are come in different Sizes .The air bubble roll are available in different Sizes it's depend on size of product.
Features of Air Bubble Pack:

·        Ideal for faster wrapping
·        Air retention layer permits for multiple reuse
·        Quick and easy use
·        cushion heavier items such as compressors,valve,shipping motors etc.
·        Easy to handle
·        Verities of sizes are available according to the article size
·        Anti Static Bubble Bags
·        Cushion of medium weight product
·        lightweight/standard bubble wrap
·        It can be recycle after the one or two use

·        Best protector CD’s, DVD’s, videocassettes, jewelry, valuables in shipping

     Air Bubble roll manufacture in uae .it is mostly used in uae ,sharjah  for product
     packaging. Air bubble roll also protect from air, water and other damaging elements
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